Sole Ownership with John Best Racing
Sole Ownership

Owning a whole horse – is the simplest way of getting involved with racing. As the sole owner, you're responsible for all the expenses associated with owning a horse – but you also receive all the benefits, from selecting your horse and choosing his name to designing your own racing colours. When your horse runs, you'll go racing with complimentary badges for you and your guests. If your horse wins, you'll meet him in the winner's enclosure and receive the trophy and prize money for his efforts. If your horse is sold, you'll receive the profit from his sale, tax free. 

Racing Partnerships with John Best Racing
Racing Partnerships

In a racing partnership, up to 20 partners jointly own the horse – reducing the cost per head to a very affordable level. At least two members of the partnership must provide their details to the Jockey Club, and one of these partners will deal with the partnership's financial matters. These nominated members also act as co-ordinators for the partnership. Partnerships are entitled to choose their horse's name and the partnership colours, and complimentary raceday badges are also available when the horse runs. The partnership can also name itself – based on the names of the partners if there are fewer than four, or with another name. Prize money is shared between the partners, and as with sole ownership, any profit from the sale of the horse is tax free.

Lingfield Park Racing Club
Racing Clubs

Racing clubs or syndicates offer a range of lower-cost options for you to get involved with racing. The exact terms vary from club to club. We work in partnership with Lingfield Park Racecourse to offer affordabe, fun ownership through the Lingfield Park Owners Group.  In 2016 their horse Vale of Iron won on only his second outing for LPOG on their home track. Find out about the latest Lingfield Park Owners Group. With company ownership, the company's shareholders own the horse. All the expenses associated with the horse's training and racing are paid out of the company's pre-tax income. The horse can even be named after the company if the name hasn't been used before! However, if the horse is successful, the profit from his sale is subject to tax.



We have a small range of horses for sale from those that are unraced to horses that have a proven track record of wins, are racefit and ready to have some fun with.  We can also help you source a horse either from the yearling sales or direct from our network of carefully selected breeders who we've got a great business relationship with both in the UK and France.  If you have a horse in training that you would like to bring to us please get in touch to have a look at our superb facilities and discuss your requirements.

Horses For Sale

January 01, 2020

Here at John Best Racing we have a variety of horses for sale and shares available. To discuss your requirements in detail and for more information, please contact the office and John Best will be in contact. 

Unnamed Filly

(Garswood/Princess Spirit)

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